Talia "Tally" Schifrin is a minor character on Girls. She's played by actress Jenny Slate.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Tally's early life other than she attended Oberlin College at the same time as Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Elijah. It was implied by Hannah though that they were rivals of sorts since they had all their writing classes together. She did have a boyfriend at some point who killed himself by crashing his vintage car while on Percocet, which Tally wrote about for her memoir. Which she titled Leave Me Alone.

Season One Edit


Tally sees Hannah at her book launch party.

During a party celebrating the release of her book in Leave Me Alone, Tally sees Hannah with her other former college classmates and Shoshanna, and goes to talk to her. They exchange passive aggressive comments towards each other, and she makes a dig at Hannah's lack of a writing career and dating a guy (Elijah) who was now gay.

Tally makes another appearance in a deleted scene where Hannah and Marnie run into her as she's posing for a Maxim photo shoot, as part of the magazine’s “Women of Letters” series. The shoot itself is made to look like the scene of her boyfriend's suicide. She's photographed wearing a barely-there bikinni made of caution tape, and is lying on top of a damaged car.

Season Five Edit

Tally re-appears in Love Stories when she runs into Hannah and asks her to hang out. While getting high at Hannah’s apartment, Tally admits that she’s actually very unhappy despite her success as a writer. As Hannah walks her out, they run into Adam and Jessa and collapse on the stairs in a fit of hysterical laughter.

Trivia Edit

- Jenny Slate's love interest in the 2014 film Obvious Child was played by Jake Lacey, who also played Hannah's boyfriend Fran on Girls.

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