Tad Horvath is the father of Hannah Horvath, the protagonist of Girls and the husband of Loreen Horvath. He is a college professor of an unspecified subject. He is played by Peter Scolari.  

Personality Edit

Tad is a kind, mild-mannered man and is more sensitive about Hannah's feelings than Loreen. After his daughter Hannah graduated from college, she still found no job and so her parents kept providing for her room, board and utilities. For the next 2 years, Tad and Loreen eventually got fed up with being taken advantage of Hannah and decided to cut her off.  

Season One Edit

Pilot Edit

Tad first shows up in the show's pilot having dinner with his wife Loreen and his daughter Hannah at a restaurant enjoying spaghetti. Loreen orders Tad to tell Hannah about the important thing, and so Tad tries gently breaking down some bad news to Hannah but he keeps beating around the bush and can't help but compliment Hannah. Fed up with Tad filibustering, Loreen simply tells Hannah that she's on her own now. Her parents won't support her any more. Hannah panics and pleads that she has no job and only an internship that isn't expected to convert into a job soon. Tad mostly stays quiet during the financial argument between Hannah and Loreen, which ends with Hannah getting furious at her parents and storming out of the restaurant. 

After the disastrous dinner, Hannah goes on an emotional rampage begging her boss and boyfriend for money before running back to her parents who were staying at a hotel room. Hannah asks Tad to read out loud the book she wrote and to give her feedback. Tad finds whatever Hannah has written to be dull but compliments her book anyways, which is when Hannah demands them for $1100 per month to afford rent. They both reject this and Loreen blames Tad for spoiling their daughter rotten and that Hannah should just go find a job already. Before Hannah and her parents can argue any further, she passes out from opium overdose. Her parents place her in bed and leave behind a $20 bill. Knowing that's too little, Hannah also takes the $20 intended for the housekeeper and walks out.