Soojin is a recurring character on HBO's Girls. She is portrayed by Greta Lee

Bio Edit

Soojin is introduced as Booth's quirky assistant. However, she is fired. Unlike Marnie, though, Soojin manages to land on her feet.

Season 2 Edit

Soojin is introduced in Boys as Booth Jonathan's assistant. She is fired in the episode by Booth, after she takes bite out of his ice cream, which he claims was his "groceries."

Season 3 Edit

In Incidentals, Marnie runs into Soojin at an ice cream shop. The two talk, and Soojin mentions that she is opening an art gallery. In Role-Play, Soojin is in the process of starting her gallery. When Marnie visits, Soojin hires her as her assistant. In I Saw You, Soojin's gallery is readying for it's first showing.

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