Season Three
No. of episodes 12
Original run January 12, 2014 to March 23, 2014
DVD release
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Season 3 of Girls is scheduled to be released on HBO on January 12, 2014. The show is written, directed, and produced by Lena Dunham, who is also its primary protagonist.

The first season premiered on April 15, 2012, and was followed up by Season 2, which premiered on January 13, 2013 on HBO.

It's been announced that Christopher Abbott, who plays Charlie Dattolo, has decided to leave the show after the end of its second season. But the fate of his character is not yet known.


Guest CastEdit

  • Patti LuPone
  • Danielle Brooks
  • Kim Gordon


# Bild Title Director Air Date
01 Ray-hannah-adam-301-MS Females Only Lena Dunham 1/12/2014
Set a few months after the events of the last season Hannah attempts to ease Adam into her social circle as Marnie recovers from a second breakup with Charlie and Shoshanna establishes her priorities after her split with Ray. Meanwhile, Jessa is secretly in rehab, but finds herself an unpopular fixture due to her careless attitude with the other patients.
02 Truthordare Truth or Dare Lena Dunham 1/12/2014
Hannah, Adam and Shoshanna take a road trip to pick up Jessa from rehab while Marnie moves into her new apartment.
03 Shesaidok She Said OK Jesse Peretz 1/19/2014
Adam's unstable sister, Caroline (Gaby Hoffmann), visits her brother and Hannah after losing her job, and Hannah invites her to her 25th birthday party. Marnie deals with a humiliating music video that she and Charlie made before their breakup. Ray cuts off ties to Shoshanna altogether, and later brawls with Hannah's editor, David (John Cameron Mitchell), over the party's music and his drunk behavior.
04 Deadinside Dead Inside Jesse Peretz 1/26/2014
When Hannah's editor is found dead, Adam finds her to be insensitive when she appears to be more concerned about the fate of her eBook. On Shoshanna's advice, Jessa tries to visit the grave of her late friend, only to learn that her friend is still alive. After catching Ray and Hermie (Colin Quinn) streaming her music video during a shift at Grumpy's, Marnie has a breakdown and quits.
05 Onlychild Only Child Tricia Brock 2/01/2014
Hannah attends her editor David's funeral and learns from his wife that her eBook deal is dead. Jessa goes looking for work, while Marnie goes to Ray looking for advice, which results in a brief lovemaking session. Caroline and Adam air out their frustrations with each other, and later Hannah kicks Caroline out of the apartment due to mounting tension.
06 Girls-Free-Snacks Free Snacks Jamie Babbit 2/09/2014
Hannah begins working at GQ, though she soon realizes the job is not quite what she had hoped for. After their previous encounter, Marnie and Ray begin to spend more time together. Meanwhile, Shoshanna decides that she wants to change her ways and commit to a serious relationship. Deciding to pursue an acting career, Adam attends auditions and gets a callback.
07 Beachhouse Beach House Jesse Peretz 2/16/2014
Marnie invites the girls to spend the weekend at her mother's friend's beach house, but her perfectionism quickly becomes stifling when Hannah runs into Elijah and his friends and invites them over. Before the night is out, the girls bicker over each other's shortcomings, but silently reconcile the next morning.
08 Incidentals Incidentals Richard Shepard 2/23/2014
Adam's Broadway callback for Major Barbara is successful, but Hannah worries that he will put his acting career before their relationship after she interviews a plainspoken Patti LuPone. Meanwhile, Marnie suffers another emotional blow when Ray calls it quits, although hope materializes in the form of Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), Adam's newest acquaintance, who expresses an interest in her singing. Bored of her job at the children's boutique, Jessa relapses after Jasper (Richard E. Grant) from rehab tracks her down.
09 Flo Flo Richard Shepard 3/02/2014
Hannah learns that her maternal grandmother Flo (June Squibb) is dying of pneumonia. While comforting her mother and aunts, she witnesses them squabble over petty matters. Hannah also unsuccessfully tries to bond with her uptight cousin, med school student Rebecca (Sarah Steele), and is forced to contemplate her future with Adam when her mother asks her to tell Flo that she is engaged to be married. Sadly, although Flo recovers from the pneumonia, she succumbs to a heart attack as soon as Hannah returns to New York.
10 GIRLS-Wikia S03-E10 SS 01 Role-Play Jesse Peretz 3/09/2014
Fearing that Adam's play is making him too distant, Hannah tries to reinvigorate their quirky sex life through an elaborate role-playing scenario in which she lures him to a bar and poses as a disgruntled hedge fund manager's wife. Her plan falls apart when Adam announces that he's temporarily moving in with Ray in order to focus on his rehearsals. Meanwhile, Shoshanna reunites Jasper with his daughter, Dottie (Felicity Jones), who convinces him to leave Jessa so that she can take care of him. .
11 Girls14 102 I Saw You Jesse Peretz 3/16/2014
After another enlightening interview with Patti LuPone, Hannah realizes that she is squandering her creative talents and decides to get herself fired from GQ. While Marnie assists her friend Soojin's gallery opening, Jessa stops by and quickly charms the artist being featured (Louise Lasser), who, in turn, offers Jessa an archiving job. Later, Marnie and Desi perform a successful duet at an open mic concert, but when Marnie realizes that Desi is genuinely in love with his girlfriend Clementine (Natalie Morales), she returns to the bed of a relenting Ray... and Hannah catches them in the act.
12 9508d4a2b6ea47adc74c4e3dcc648d85 Two Plane Rides Lena Dunham 3/23/2014
Hannah receives an acceptance letter from the University of Iowa for their prestigious writers' workshop and is encouraged by her parents to jump at the opportunity. Meanwhile, Shoshanna's academic life and nerves crumble when she learns that she cannot graduate. After Marnie tells her that she slept with Ray, she begs Ray to take her back, but he rejects her. At the opening night of Major Barbara, Desi kisses Marnie after she gives him a James Taylor guitar pick, but the afterglow is diminished once Marnie realizes that she has caused a rift in his relationship with Clementine. Despite positive reviews, Adam feels he blew his performance and lashes out at Hannah for psyching him out with her news about Iowa. Finally, Bedelia asks Jessa to assist her in committing suicide.

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