Season Two
Girls season 2 poster
No. of episodes 10
Original run January 13, 2013 to March 3, 2013
DVD release August 13, 2013
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Season 2 of Girls followed Season 1 and premiered on HBO on January 13th, 2013.


Guest Cast


# Bild Title Director Air Date
01 Girls 201 It's About Time Lena Dunham 1/13/2013
Hannah and Elijah throw their first party as roommates. Marnie seems to be getting nothing but bad news and the new bride Jessa returns from her honeymoon.
02 Girls 202 I Get Ideas Lena Dunham 1/20/2013
Adam is apparently still heartbroken and won't leave Hannah alone. Things get worse for her when she is hit with a bad critique for her writing. Marnie desperately needs to find a new job and it turns out that Jessa's marriage isn't as perfect as she wants to believe.
03 Girls 203 Bad Friend Jesse Peretz 1/27/2013
Hannah finally gets paid to write. To spice up her story she takes coke from a junkie neighbour. She and Elijah go to a club an when he tells her that he had sex with Marnie, Hannah reaction is more extreme than he expected. She decides to confront Marnie.
04 Girls-its-a-shame-about-ray article story main It's a Shame About Ray Jesse Peretz 2/2/2013
Hannah invites her friends over to celebrate her first paid online article. Charlie brings his new girlfriend and Marnie gets upset. However, it turns out that Charlie still has feelings for her. Jessa meets her husband's parents for the first time and things don't go too well.
05 Girls 205 One Man's Trash Richard Shepard 2/10/2013
Hannah gets in trouble because she dumps the café's trash at a private house. When she stops by to apologize to the owner she spontaneously kisses him and the two start an affair that lasts several days.
06 Girls 206 Boys Claudia Weill 2/17/2013
Hannah gets an unexpected e-book deal and is mortified when she finds out that she only has a month to finish it. Marnie hosts a party with Booth but soon has to find out that he doesn't even think they are dating. Hannah wants to confide in her but Marnie doesn't listen.
07 Girls 207 Video Games Richard Shepard 2/24/2013
Jessa and Hanna go to the countryside to visit Jessa's estranged father. In the midst of all the family drama, Hannah feels out of place but eventually sleeps with Jessas younger step-brother.
08 Girls 208 It's Back Jesse Peretz 3/3/2013
Hannahs parents come to visit and she tries to hide her obsessive-compulsive disorder that has returned because of the stress of her e-book deal. Marnie finds out that Charlie has been very successful since they broke up and Shoshonna sleeps with a stranger.
09 Girls 209 On All Fours Lena Dunham 3/10/2013
Hannah's writer's block is getting the best of her and she hurts herself so bad that she needs to go to the hospital. Adam and his new girlfriend don't see eye to eye in the bedroom and Marnie has sex with Charlie.
10 Girls 210 Together Lena Dunham 3/17/2013
Hannah finds out that she could get sued if she doesn't finish the book in time. She feels left alone by all her friends bit it turns out that there is still one person who is determined on helping her.

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