Pilot is the first episode of Season 1 of Girls. It was directed and written by Lena Dunham. It was praised by critics and audiences alike.


While eating dinner at a resturant, Hannah Horvath finds out that her professor parents are cutting her off financially even though she is working an unpaid internship. Her parents believe that her internship will turn into a paying job, and her roommate/best friend Marnie Michaels tells her that she should demand a full-time position. When Hannah asks her boss to hire her full-time, he says that it's "such a shame to lose her" and tells her that her lack of Photoshop knowledge makes her un-hirable at the agency.

With no job, Hannah seeks comfort from her fuck buddy Adam, who "comforts" her by having unpleasant sex with her and tricking her into thinking he used a condom.

Meanwhile, Hannah's old friend Jessa Johansson is in town after traveling the world, and she is staying with her naive American cousin Shoshanna Shapiro, a virgin obsessed with Sex and the City. While Hannah is excited to see Jessa, Marnie dreads it, referring to a time when Jessa slept with another girl's boyfriend.

Marnie Michaels is having problems of her own--her boyfriend is clingy, "feminine" and annoying. Despite the fact that he's sweet to her, she can't stand when he touches her, and she finds his friends obnoxious. When everyone gets together to throw a dinner party for Jessa Johansson, Jessa and Hannah are both late. Jessa proceeds to annoy Marnie, and Hannah drinks some opium tea.

Marnie yells at Jessa for being late and disrespectful, as well as allowing Hannah to drink opium tea. After acting nonchalant, Jessa tells Marnie that she's pregnant and Marnie briefly feels sympathetic toward her.

While high on opium, Hannah visits her parents in their hotel room and asks them for $1100/month, as well as demanding they read her very short book of memoirs which she has yet to publish. They seem relatively unimpressed with her book, and they out-right refuse to give her any money. When Hannah passes out, they let her stay in their room overnight. The next morning her parents have gone. They have left $20 for Hannah and $20 for the cleaning lady, on the nightstand. Hannah takes both $20 bills and leaves.






Girls Season 1 Recap 1

Girls Season 1 Recap 1

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Girls Season 1 Inside The Episode 1

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