Painful Evacuation is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Girls. It was directed by Jess Peretz and written by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. The episode originally aired on March 5th, 2017.


Summary Edit

On assignment, Hannah goes to interview successful writer Ode Montgomery. Over the course of their conversation, Ode shares hard-won wisdom about being a woman in their field.

Adam disagrees with his director on a film project and decides to quit. He vents to Jessa that he’s sick of being someone else’s tool. Jessa suggests that Adam make his own movie. They start brainstorming, and Jessa excitedly lands on the idea to create a film about Adam and Hannah’s relationship.

Ray voices concern to Marnie they aren’t spending enough quality time together. But Marnie, absorbed in deciding whether or not to take an Uber uptown, tunes him out. Later at work, a long-time customer collapses outside Ray’s coffee shop. The incident sparks an argument between Ray and Hermie, and Ray storms out of the shop when Hermie suggests he’s wasting his potential.

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Hannah at her interview.

Visiting Desi at rehab for a therapy session, Marnie continues to play the victim in their failed marriage. Desi claims he was always there for Marnie but she never gave him any support, and is now ignoring his need for recovery. She blames him for her stress before the counselor calls her a narcissist.

Suffering from a UTI, Hannah decides to go to the emergency room to get antibiotics. The doctor in the ER turns out to be Joshua, a brownstone owner Hannah once had a weekend-long affair with. Joshua confirms she has a UTI and delivers the news that she is also pregnant. 

She then arrives home to find Jessa and Adam waiting for her. They pitch her the idea for the movie, and she

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Adam and Jessa decide to make a movie.

tells them to do whatever they want.

Elijah’s on the couch eating pizza when hANNAH gets inside the apartment, and she neglects to tell him about the encounter she just had or the pregnancy. Instead, she rests her head on his lap. He comforts her, assuming she is feeling bad from her UTI, by gently stroking her head.

Turning to Shoshanna for advice, Ray realizes Hermie was only trying to help him. Ray decides to go apologize. When he gets to Hermie's home, Ray discovers him lying dead on the couch.

Trivia Edit

- Joshua's re-appearance came about when Dunham and Konner were brainstorming awkward and embarrassing ways for Hannah to learn about her pregnancy.

-The scenes with Hannah going to the emergency room and Marnie visiting Desi in rehab were shot consecutively in the same hospital.

- Desi pouring an entire glass of water then preceding to drink all of it was improvised by Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and continued to do it for ten takes.

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