Mimi-Rose Eleanor Howard is a supporting character on HBO's Girls. She is portrayed by Gillian Jacobs.

Biography Edit

Mimi-Rose Eleanor Howard is an artist living in Bushwick. Sometime after a bad break-up with her ex, Ace, she was introduced to Adam by their mutual friend, Jessa.

Season 4 Edit

Mimi-Rose is introduced in Cubbies. She opens Hannah's apartment door when Hannah returns to New York after quitting the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Mimi-Rose lets Hannah in. When Adam comes from his room, Hannah asks if she is his new roommate, which he denies. Hannah realizes the two might be in a relationship.

Mimi-Rose and Adam are now living together in Close-Up, but they get into a fight when she off-handedly tells Adam she had an abortion the day before and Adam feels like he should have had a say in her decision. She defends her decision by saying that they're still getting to know each other. Mimi-Rose later convinces Adam to stay with her when he almost moves out by saying she doesn't need him, but wants him instead.

In Ask Me My Name, Mimi-Rose holds an art exhibition called "Ask Me My Name", which Hannah attends with a date even though she knows she will run into Adam there. After her date leaves, she, Mimi-Rose, Adam and Mimi-Rose's ex-boyfriend Ace head to an after-party at a bar. They split into two cabs with Adam and Ace in one car and Hannah and Mimi-Rose in the other. Mimi-Rose and Hannah start talking about their relationships with Adam and the way their lives are going. On the way, their cab accidentally hits an old woman crossing the street. While two police officers attend to her, they go to a convenience store and a laundromat to use the bathroom and continue talking. As the conversation goes on, they bond over the fact that they have insecurities about the art they do and why they are doing it.

When Ace and Jessa stop by her apartment in Daddy Issues, Mimi-Rose invites them to stay for dinner. She ends up admitting to feeling jealous of Ace and Jessa, a feeling she claims to have never experienced before, and that she wants Ace back. But then decides to choose herself after Jessa ends her relationship with Ace, and has Adam leave with her.

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