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Jessa-Hannah Bluebell Poem "Sample" Schlesinger-Sackler is a minor character on Girls.

Hannah finding out that Caroline is pregnant with Jessa-Hannah.


Jessa-Hannah's mother, Caroline Sackler, met her father Laird in Dead Inside while she was staying with her brother Adam and his then-girlfriend Hannah Horvath. They became romantically involved and conceived Jessa-Hannah sometime after Hannah kicked Caroline out of her apartment. Caroline's pregnancy was first revealed during the Season 3 finale Two Plane Rides when Hannah and she run into each other while getting the mail.

Caroline spends the majority of the next season very pregnant until she goes into premature labor in the finale. Jessa-Hannah is born after Jessa Johansson convinces Caroline that she can't go through with her natural birth plan since Jessa-Hannah was breach, and needed immediate medical attention. Her name is later announced by her parent's after she's been delivered at the hospital.

Adam and Hannah visiting newborn Jessa-Hannah.

Season 4[]

Jessa-Hannah makes her first on-screen appearance in Home Birth. Adam and Hannah visit her in the NICU, and Hannah talks to her about what the world is like.

Season 5[]

When Adam visits Caroline and Laird in Good Man, he holds Jessa-Hannah, who's now around seven-eight months old, so that his sister can go to the bathroom.

Adam handing "Sample" to her father.

It's revealed in Homeward Bound that Caroline left a note saying she was leaving Laird and their daughter as she's been having bad thoughts of hurting herself, and Jessa-Hannah. Adam and Jessa end up watching her so her father can process Caroline's departure. It's also mentioned that her nickname is "Sample" since she's "sample-sized."

Sample is seen one more time in I Love You Baby when her uncle and Jessa are babysitting her in Adam's apartment until her dad picks her up.


- Jessa-Hannah is played by two twins named Lila and Libby.

Lena Dunham and Andrew Rannells holding the babies that play Jessa-Hannah.

- Gaby Hoffman, the actress who plays Caroline, was actually eight months pregnant when they filmed Home Birth.

- Lena Dunham said that the inspiration for Jessa-Hannah's long name came from a girl she went to middle school with whose full name was so long that it had to be wrapped around her picture to fit in the yearbook.

- Her birth weight is mentioned to be 4 1/2 pounds.