It's Back is the eighth episode of season 2, and the eighteenth episode in the series overall. It originally aired in the United States on March 3, 2013.


During a visit from her mother and father, Hannah is revealed to suffer from OCD, and that she recently went off her medication in order to finish her book. The most visible symptom being her having to repeat certain things eight times. Hannah's parent's force her to see a therapist while they're in town, but has limited success.

Meanwhile, Marnie finds out from Ray that Charlie has created a popular app and is now running his own start up company. She visits Charlie at work, where he is the CEO amongst thirty employees. She later tells Ray that she assumed it would take years for Charlie to have a career, and how hearing about his success makes her feel insecure about her future. Ray then blatantly asks her what she wants to do in life, and she blurts out that she wants to sing.

Shoshanna runs into a friend from NYU who invites her to a party. Ray says he's won't go because he's too old to be at college parties, so Shoshanna goes alone. While leaving the party, she ends up making out with the doorman of her friend's apartment building after he said she was beautiful.

Adam goes to an AA meeting to deal with his feelings over Hannah. While talking to other members, he explains that he grew to love her as they got to know each other, and that he was now trying to figure out how to move on. Afterwards, an older woman at the meeting approaches him and asks if she could set him up with her daughter, Natalia. Adam later agrees to meet Natalia at a restaurant, and the two end up having a surprisingly fun evening.


  • Like her character on the show, Lena Dunham does suffer from OCD.
  • The song Marnie sings in this episode was Don't Know Why by Norah Jones.
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