Did you know? There are different girl species,and i am going to talk about some of them:

The Female AngelEdit

These species are the nice ones. They are nice,friendly,responsible and other nice things, and i realy like these kind of girls species but i am kinda shy when i see them.

The School CelebrityEdit

Do you remember when you go to school,hangout with you`re friends and then everything stops for you and you only see that girl walking not giving a single crap about anyone and almost every boy faints to death from that girl`s beauty. Yep,im talking about the popular girls,you will see them everytime using an iphone,talking with an annoying voice in the phone like they were parrots mixed with squirrels and they always go to school with the same makeup. These species are the ones that i hate the most.

The Laugh MasterEdit

These species are the girls that makes people laugh alot,they make funny jokes,they are silly,like to play alot and alot of other things.these are my favorite ones.

The Steel ArmEdit

these species are the strong ones that you should not be dealing with! Have you seen they`re strength? They are like a real Heroine with the Super Strength abillity,even boys get scared of her! well i kinda like these species but not as much as the Female Angel species.

Example of The School Celebrity: