Frank was a minor character on Girls. He was played by late actor Nick Lashaway.


Biography Edit

Frank was born to his mother, Petula, and an unnamed father. He lives with his mom, along with her boyfriend Salvatore, in a house in upstate New York. Frank has a best friend named Tyler, and they met sometime during their childhood or adolescence.  

Season Two Edit

Frank is introduced as Petula’s son when Jessa and Hannah come to visit Salvatore, Jessa’s father, in Video Games. He ends up going out with the girls and Tyler after Sal tells Jessa that he and Frank's mother made other plans. They speed around in Tyler's convertible doing whip-its until Hannah freaks out and runs into the woods. Frank runs after her, and they wind up having a brief sexual encounter in a cemetery. At breakfast the next morning, Frank accuses Hannah of using him for sex despite the fact that what they did hadn't involved any actual penetration. Hannah, in disbelief, thinks he's kidding until it becomes clear that Frank was a virgin despite his claims that he had already had sex with a girl named Rihanna who lives nearby. He also denies having feelings for Tyler, and claims that Tyler would be the one in love with him.

Trivia Edit

  • Frank is supposed to be nineteen years-old in Video Games, but Nick Lashaway was actually twenty-five when the episode was filmed.
  • When Lashaway passed away from a car accident on May 8th, 2016, Lena Dunham wrote on her social media, “We will always remember the week we shared with him, his playful smile, his easy instincts, how much he made us laugh even when we had to stay up all night in the woods.”