Desi was a reccuring character on HBO's Girls, but was promoted to main cast for the fourth season. He is portrayed by Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

Bio Edit

Desi appears as a sweet, sensitive creative who is very interested in music. However, he is manipulative and begins cheating on his girlfriend with Marnie.

Season 3 Edit

Desi is introduced in Incidentals when he is auditioning for the same play as Adam, but a different role. He and Adam both get their respective parts, and Desi gives him a ride back to the city. Later, Desi joins Adam at a hotel where he and Hannah are staying for Hannah's work. There, he meets Marnie, and the two connect through their mutual love of music,

In I Saw You, Marnie and Desi perform a duet together that is positively received. Marnie also reveals that she has feelings for Desi, but he tells her that he's very much in love with his girlfriend Clementine.

In the season finale, it is Desi and Adam's opening night. Before the play starts, Marnie gives Desi a guitar pick, and the two share an intense kiss. After the play, Clementine notices a rift in their relationship and the two argue as Marnie watches on.

Season 4 Edit

In the season premiere, Desi is still with Clementine, but is also fooling around with Marnie. They perform a jazz brunch, which ends in shambles. He attempts to comfort Marnie, and scolds their critics.

In Female Author, Desi and Marnie attempt to land a record deal, but are told they have to meet with the head of the label first. After, they eat lunch together, where Marnie displays distress over their lack of a relationship.

In Cubbies, Marnie and Desi attempt to rehearse together, but he senses her acting weird. When he says something, she denies the fact and claims she has moved on. Desi then learns that Clementine has had sex with another guy and intends to leave him. He goes to Marnie's apartment in the middle of the night and claims that he is the one who broke the relationship off. After he breaks down crying, he claims he loves Marnie, and goes down on her.

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