Clementine is a recurring character on HBO's Girls. She is portrayed by Natalie Morales.

Bio Edit

Clementine is the now ex-girlfriend of Desi. She is very blunt and confrontational.

Season 3 Edit

In Incidentals, Desi connects with Marnie, but reveals he is in a relationship with a woman named Clementine.

In I Saw You, Clementine is physically introduced. She attends Marnie and Desi's open mic, where she displays affection for Desi.

In the season finale, Clementine surprises Marnie at the premiere of Desi and Adam's play. Marnie attempts to be nice to her, but Clementine confronts her and claims to know Marnie's true intentions with Desi. After, Clementine and Desi argue as Marnie watches on.

Season 4 Edit

In the season premiere, Clementine attends Marnie and Desi's jazz brunch.

In Cubbies, although Clementine doesn't physically appear, it is revealed that she has dumped Desi after sleeping with another guy and developing feelings for him.