• Milana Bohofrench

    Men & moving on

    December 28, 2015 by Milana Bohofrench

    Men and there logic on " Moving" on is fucking rediculious... you can't just through someone away like a peice of trash we females and anyone for that matter are a  peice of living, breathing, FEELING human.

    We can't just forget our feelings.. Well for some of you, Who can props to you because for the most of us either deal with this bullshit through - alchol - drugs - sleeping the day away - eating our stomachs to the max- or...? (thats all I can think of right now)... There is a part called feelings that most of them don't even relise that we all have feelings yes of course guys do have feelings and they aren't all mosters but seriously.. well you send your ex- a picture of your new "misses" when you have only been seperated for like 3 we…

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  • LexiLexi

    Pilot- Review Roundup

    April 16, 2012 by LexiLexi

    The pilot of Girls premiered last night, and there are some mixed opinions all over the net. On the one hand, some reviewers think the wry humor and satirical nature of the show makes it funny, entertaining and original while other reviewers think the main characters are unlikeable, privileged, and not diverse enough.

    The Huffington Post

    "Girls could be described in a lot of familiar ways: it's a coming-of-age story; it's a half-hour show about young people trying to make it in New York; it's an HBO show about women exploring their sexuality and relationships in a confusing world. Girls" is all of those things, and yet it feels new. It's not a mashup of various concepts we've seen a hundred times, nor is it an updated "Sex and the City" (an …

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