Alistair was a one-time character on Girls who only appeared in Pilot. He was played by Chris Eigeman.

Biography Edit

Alistair is the supervisor of the publishing house where Hannah interned. Alistair ridiculed Hannah's pleas for a paying job stating Hannah doesn't qualify to work for him.

Season One Edit

In Pilot, right after Hannah's parents cut her off due to budget concerns, Hannah ran to her boss Alistair demanding that Alistair convert her internship into a paying job or else she'll threaten to quit. Alistair refuses to hire Hannah.

Hannah argues that it's not fair since she's already worked unpaid for more than one year and Joy Lin got hired after interning, but Alistair defends that unlike Hannah, Joy Lin is proficient in Photoshop. Hannah begs that she needs to eat, but Alistair sarcastically assures her that getting very hungry should help her realize what it means to qualify for a paying job. Alistair fires Hannah and gives her a hug.